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Washington Redskins, 11-5?

So, I'm a Skin fan, and I knew that we were gonna be better than ever thought. I've been looking at our schedule, and it is an easy one. We play the NFC west, and AFC east. Were already 2-0. We can beat the three remaining teams in the NFC west pretty easily I think. We have a pretty grand shot against Miami, and I think the Bills games will be a good one. We'll probably lose to the Jets or the Pats, but I think maybe they could pull of a win against one of them. We can beat the Eagles and the Cowboys at least once this year, we do every year. We can beat the Giants again. And the remaining games are against the Vikings and Carolina. We can beat both of those teams.
Some arguments for wins...
Philly sucks against the run and were pretty darn good at running the ball. We beat the Cardinals, who the Panthers lost to. Dallas is a division game, so we play them tough and usually split the series plus we play them this week and there beat up. I think that we can beat the Bills. I feel like we can pull of a W against the Jets, the same way we beat the Packers last year. Anyway, what do you guys think about this? It's a very easy schedule in my opinion.
There's no way that we only win 4 more games with how many easy and close games we have. At worst I think 8-8.
I think we will beat Dallas this week. There to beat up. Sorry, didn't mean to thumbs down your comment. It won't let me undo it.
Look at our schedule and go watch the games. There's no way we will win only six games. The Eagles and Cowboy games, are division games. It doesn't matter how bad a team is in a division game, there always good games and the Redskins have a good chance to beat the Eagles and Cowboys. The Eagles are overrated anyway.
Your absolutely right about Rex. Who was he ever throwing to? And Lovie Smith can't coach an offense, Shannon can. There's a reason Shannon passed on getting Mallet, or Grabbert, or Dalton. We have a good D, and some offensive weapons.
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The Redskins are doing very good right now, hopefully they beat cowgirls. Bills are doing good too so it will be a very interesting game. I hate the jets and patriots, I hope redskins win. Giants, I hate them too. I'm an Eagles fan and I know we will win NFC East but I wish you Redskins luck (not the Gnats and cowgirls) and hopefully you make the wildcards.
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you are equating the afc east to the nfc west??? C'MON MAN!!! i have the redskins only beating the dolphins in the afc east. as for other games, i gave them the 2nd giants game and losing both eagles and both cowboys game although looking at it now, playing them early and crippled is subject to change despite still facing the cowboys early at dallas. and maybe a win after the bye against the eagles at fedex. overall, i see a 6-10/8-8 team. but to note, the cards had coming out of last year the 4th worst total defense in the nfl and cam basically shoots himself in the foot. but again, we'll see. maybe im wrong and youre right or maybe youre wrong and im right.

edit: i dont know about the win over dallas. theyll have to throw the ball to win. the skins wont win pounding it because theyll send blitz the entire time. the weakness is in the pass defense with newman and scandrick out so look for the skins to pass every other down and keep d ware and the other backers from putting pressure on grosseman. i didnt give them any leeway games with was bad on my part. funny. and i usually say what you said about the nfc east. those games no matter the record can go either way. last year between the boys and skins it literally came down to the wire.
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Lol at a Lion fan making fun of another team.

People overrate how bad Grossman's career has been. In Chicago he had no weapons on offense, and look how Cutler is doing there, it's not easy to be a QB in Chicago, and only 1 has kind of succeeded. That being said Grossman really only had 5 really bad games, that made his stats look so bad, the other games were either great or just ok, far from the horrible bust everyone makes him out to be. I'm not saying he's gonna be great, but he fits this offense, and can be a good QB in this system. Also grossman has already had 4 300 yard games, in 6 starts for Washington. Of the defense can keep it up, this team will be surprising a lot of people. Washington has weapons on offense, and QB who can get them the ball, and a coach who knows how to exploit defensive weaknesses.
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6 wins at most. Grossman is not a good QB. You guys have a good running game with Hightower and Torain when he comes back, but I don't think they're good enough.
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