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King Leo 5-2 is on a distinguished road
San Francisco 49ers are the worst (offensively) in the RedZone?

Why is this team so hyped? They will be one and done in the playoffs and are only a better version of my Detroit Lions.
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We spanked your lions and harbaugh made your coach look like a b**** in front of the entire country. Alex smith is not very good when it counts. We're just a good QB away from being SB champs. We owned your lions haha mega-who?
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The 49ers are hyped because they have a new coach whose brother happens to be the coach of a very good defensive team, not bad on offense either (14th overall).

San Francisco is rated #26 over all on offense, 29th in passing which is why they are so inept in the RedZone. They are #7 in rushing but every defense starts to gang up against the run once the other team gets inside the 20 yard line (RedZone). One would think that the mere threat of a run would make for good run fakes and therefore increase their ability to pass.

Detroit is rated #10 offensively but are the opposite of the 49ers. At #24 rushing and #5 passing there is almost no threat of a run so teams play pass defense and put pressure on the QB

You have to keep in mind that the 49ers get to play the Rams, Cardinals and Seattle twice each year, though the Cards and Seattle have been playing better they started off at 2 -6, Seattle started off with the same record.

Detroit has to play Chicago, Green Bay and Minnesota, Chicago started out 5 -3 Green Bay 8-0 and Minnesota 2 -6, the only losing record in the division.

Detroit needs to win against either the Raiders or the Chargers and then hope that the Bears do not beat the Packers.

If the Bears beat the Packers (LOL) Detroit could lose their next 1 of their next 2 games against the AFC and still get into the playoffs by beating the Packers themselves.

One and done for the 49ers? well it really depends up on where they end up in the seeding. If they are the #2 seed they would play the team with the next highest seeding, Green Bay would play the lowest seed. If they are the 3rd seed, the lowest possible seeding for them, they will play the 6th seeded team.

The 6th seed is likely to be either Detroit, Chicago or Atlanta (if the Bears beat Green Bay).

I don't see Chicago in the running, not with their QB situation so it would be Detroit vs SF

Are you ready for a payback??


Who needs a rushing touchdown when you can just toss it to a receiver. 70 yards per game rushing does not mean a great run defense it means a porous pass defense. I will give you that the 9ers defense is pretty damn good as long as people run against them. Too bad that they just throw against them with ease.

Yeah, I know you clinched your division, well what do you expect, look at your division and then consider that SF had the 30th toughest schedule
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They also have the best run defense in the league, no rush tds, 70 yards per game. Also have the most defensive takeaways in the league, and the least amount of offensive turnovers an thats just gettig started but I guess you only pay attention to the bad stats.
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