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Zee 12-14-2011 15:21

Philadelphia Eagles playoff chances?
I know that it's ridiculously low, but does anyone know any stats or anything that would show what Philly would need to do, such as, what teams need to lose for the eagles to have a shot at the postseason.

Lal_4598 12-14-2011 15:23

They have a 5% chance in my opinion firstly they need Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants to lose all of there games which is impossible seeing that they are facing each other and one team has to win. Then other teams in the hunt are in good shape and Philadelphia will not catch up. So basically there is not chance.

football5680 12-14-2011 15:23

Only teams that matter are the Giants, Cowboys and Eagles. The wildcard is already out of their reach. The Giants must lose every game. The cowboys must lose every game except week 17 against the Giants and the Eagles must win out. Any loss eliminates them. Any Giants or cowboys win except week 17 will eliminate them.

True_Soldier 12-14-2011 15:24

Seeing how close the Cowboys and Giants are in the division it would be hard damn near impossible for them to make a wild card. They would need the Cowboys and Giants to lose the remaining games and have to win the rest of theres..Better off looking forward to next season, its a wrap for the Eagles and Skins.

Rick Wesley 12-14-2011 15:24

If the Eagles win out, they would be 8-8 and 5-1 within the NFC East, have split with the Giants and would split with Dallas. So the tiebreaker goes into division wins. Cowboys and Giants both have 2 division losses already, so if all three teams wind up 8-8 (Eagles win the next 3 as the cowboys and giants win 1 of the 3), the Eagles have the tiebreaker and would win the division.

freemanbac 12-14-2011 15:26

The easiest path for the Eagles would be to win their division. As stated above, an 8-8 Eagles team would have a 5-1 divisional record and win any tiebreaker against the Cowboys or Giants. So it's not as dire as everyone else is making it to be.

The good news is their are only 7 individual games left that will effect the Eagles:
Week 15: (DAL vs. TB) (NYG vs. WAS) (PHI vs. NYJ)
Week 16: (DAL vs. PHI) (NYG v. NYJ)
Week 17: (DAL vs. NYG) (PHI vs. WAS)

The great news is the Eagles can win three of them. This leave four game out of their control:
Week 15: (DAL vs. TB) (NYG vs. WAS)
Week 16: (NYG v. NYJ)
Week 17: (DAL vs. NYG)

With 4 games and two options (Win or Loss) there are 16 possible outcomes. (There are more outcomes with Ties as a possibility, but they are extremely unlikely, so I left them out.)

Out of these 16 scenarios, 5 of them (31%) put the Eagles in the playoffs. They are:

1. (DAL beat TB) (WAS beat NYG) (NYJ beat NYG) (NYG beat DAL)
2. (TB beat DAL) (WAS beat NYG) (NYJ beat NYG) (NYG beat DAL)
3. (TB beat DAL) (NYG beat WAS) (NYJ beat NYG) (DAL beat NYG)
4. (TB beat DAL) (WAS beat NYG) (NYJ beat NYG) (DAL beat NYG)
5. (TB beat DAL) (WAS beat NYG) (NYG beat NYJ) (DAL beat NYG)

Any ONE of these scenarios will put the Eagles in the Playoffs, as long as the Eagles finish 8-8. I'm not an NFC East fan, so I can't tell you which one is more probable, but those are your options.

Robert 12-16-2011 15:17

They'll have to win for the rest and need some teams to mess up in the end. They'll most likely need Dallas and someother team to mess up.

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