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Beastyt is on a distinguished road
Philadelphia Eagles dream season starting look like a nightmare?

That so called all star eagles defensive is a joke that guy from oakland, eagles sign don't fear nobody he no Charles Woodson yea he break up pass and a good tackle beside that he don't get INT! like Charles Woodson.That bum azz Micheal Vick well, like I say he will be the reason why Philadelphia will not be in the playoffs he's play's reckless he,don't play smart football he think he a running back? he rarely slides, D Jackson don't scare nobody out their yea he's got speed but no hands and can't get open like Steve Smith of the panthers can. "They can buy talent all they want but won't win no champion just ask Miami Heat.
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Craig Vigil is on a distinguished road
They only lost the last three games because Vick got hurt and also Kafka had a chance to win the two games but maclin dropped the ball and other one just threw 2 Ints and 49ers there was a lot of mistakes but had a chance again but maclin fumbled so don't make it sound like their horrible they are not playing like the chiefs and also I'm not taking shots at maclin but when we need him most he makes a mistake but he is still one of my favorite but oh well you can't dwell on losses but learn from your mistakes and get back up and I believe that they will turn it around
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Cody Kirk is on a distinguished road
They Do It To Themselves, Who Honestly Has One of The Top, and Best Veteran Quarterbacks as Your Starter and He Gets a Concussion, Oh, Well Play Him, Oh He Now Has a Sprained Wrist, We Still Play Him, We Sign Vince Young, Oh Yeah Thats a Dream team Back Up There, Jackson is Really P!ssed Off Cause He Wants and Deserves more Money, But, Na They Sign Nnamdi and All These Other Players But in The Draft They Cant Find Anyone Really Much Better Than a Canadian Firefighter
Hmmmm.....Philadelphia Always Seems to Have The Team, That Truly Can Compete All The Way Through, But Its The Way They Play Their Roster, They Rittle Every Single Drop Out Of Them All Season and They Do Outstanding But, When The Playoffs Come, They Have No Energy at All, So They Sink
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Old 10-04-2011, 16:01   #4
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Hope they lose the rest of thier games.

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We are New Orleans is on a distinguished road
The label dream team is a jinx look back a few years not sure exactly how long ago but the redskins had a "dream team" that blew up in their faces.
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Totally agree. A dream team wouldn't have the worst record in their division.
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They lost to the 49ers and Alex Smith, yes, Alex Smith torched that secondary with Asomugha, Samuel and D-Cromartie. All were Pro Bowl selections before. Lmao. But Eagles offensively weren't bad actually. They just couldn't execute in the red-zone. They can move the ball but then fizzle out near the 30 yard line. They'll inconsistent. No excuse for Eagles defense, couldn't stop Smith and Gore. However, If Eagles could turn those FGs into touchdowns, the outcome would be very different. 49ers had more TDs than FGs this time, which is uncommon.
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