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Bo Wang is on a distinguished road
Oakland Raiders, Opponents Fan Areas?

My family and I are planning on visiting my grandparents in the Bay Area for Christmas, and right now I want to take my little brother (Age 6) to the Raiders vs. Lions game on the 18th (We're from Detroit). He wants to wear his Lions Jersey (and truth be told I want to wear mine to), but I'm worried about how safe it is to do that. I'll admit, I know nothing about Raider Fans beyond what I hear about and see on TV. Is there any section(s) at the coliseum that they reserve for opponents? We just want to enjoy the game, and don't want to make any trouble, It's just that I hear stories about there being a lot of fights there and how fans are crazy (I know that all fans are not like that, I'm just worried about that particular day). Any advice would be great! Thanks!
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Kevin T is on a distinguished road
I am a long time Raider fan. I used to go to all the home games when they were in LA. I am not one of the crazy fans that would hassle you especially if you were with your six year old. That said..Don't wear your gear. I promise that there will be an a**hole that will show out. You would not be making any trouble but a whole bunch of clowns will. Go enjoy the game but please don't wear your gear.
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Sumanitu Taka is on a distinguished road
I wouldn't because Raider fans are a bit fanatical. And let's ace it,Oakland Ca. is a high crime/violence area especially in the area where the coliseum is located. I worked many years as a Paramedic in Oakland, Ca. and some of the worst calls were generated in west Oakland. Enjoy the game, but keep it quiet as far as your team affiliation. It's a great experience best spent as a bystander.
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J Mag is on a distinguished road
Raider fans act stupid, that's why two of them got shot when they came to San Fran for the battle of the bay. I go to the Oakland coliseum with my Niners jersey on, before and after the game. But I go with like 10 of my boys from the Mission District, we can do that. I don't know if you should wear it, cause its blue and that's a red Mexican neighborhood. Put it a back pack.
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Raiders fans are idiots. Remeber that story about the Niners fan who got all f*cked up by some retarded Raiders fans earlier this year OVER A PRESEASON GAME? I would make sure to blend in. Maybe they would leave you alone if you had a small kid with you, but from what I've heard, I wouldn't put it past them to screw with you.
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No special are for opposing fans but I would try sections 135-148 seems like most away fans sit there. As long as you don't start trash talking you should be fine. yes you probably hear a lot of Lions suck, and people yelling RRRRAAAAIIIDDDEEEERRRRRSSSS! at you but as long as you are cool and not going in looking for a fight you won't get one. Stay away from drunk Aholes. I really do not think anyone will bother you especially since you are bringing your 6 year old little brother. I am a Raider Season ticket holder and have been a fan for 40+ years. The only fights I have seen have been between drunk Aholes that have had way too much liquid courage and are looking for trouble, IE: The Niner Fan who comes with his boys ready for trouble that answered earlier. We will be at the game if you do decide to go send me an email and we can help you out learning the ropes of the The one thing I tell everyone going to a game as an opposing fan anywhere. Remember that it is not your house. Show the same respect that you would show if you where invited to someone elses house as a guest.
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cool is on a distinguished road
i was standing in line getting a beer and i saw this skinny dude use the porta-potty, he was wearing a tebow jersey

30seconds later 4 Raider fans started rocking the porta-potty until it fell over, true story.........check youtube for the actual

have fun and enjoy

GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!
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