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Leaderboards of Pleasure 8211 9-12-11

<p style="text-align: center;">Let the Leaderboards of enjoyment get all in your nucleus accumbens.
Much just like a perfectly orange and barely clothed Jim Palmer circa 1981, this edition from the Leaderboards of enjoyment wants nothing more than to hold you tight, let you know everything will be okay, and flood your mind with the neurotransmitter dopamine.
In our totally scientific and try to rigorous look for pleasure, today we find a number of familiar faces, but additionally newer and more effective ones, too.
New ones like:
Alejandro De Aza, who, after just 39 games and 116 plate appearances, already finds himself fourth among White Sock position players in WAR (but still fifth, when we discount his defensive contributions).
Mike Trout, whose inclusion, so far as surprises go, isnt one (i.e. an unexpected).
Jerome Williams, who, at 14.9%, has the highest swinging-strike rate (by a large-ish margin) of any pitcher with 20-plus innings as a starter.
Soak in the pleasure, ladies and gentlemen. (But mostly gentlemen, Im gue sing.)
1. Team NERD Leaderboard2. Underrated Player Leaderboard3. Player NERD Leaderboard4. Pitcher NERD Leaderboard
Team NERD LeaderboardLike the NERD scores youll find below, this one represents an attempt you may anticipate the watchability of each team. The first iteration appears in a heartfelt love letter to America, which anyone is free to read here.
Please observe that the POFF numbers (playoff-odds adjustments) aren't included in the Team NERD scores the thing is below, but they are instead the bonuses Adidas Springblade Drive Shoes /penalties put on the Game Scores for every respective team anything about which you can find out more by reading here.
TeamsNERDAgeBATHR/FBSpdBULLUZRPayLuckPOFFRoyals102.550.09-0.451.06- Sox100.002.161.510.210.401.650.000.871Yankees100.0 02.081.651.400.790.780.000.000Diamondbacks90.47-0.110.710.89- .181.070Marlins81.20-0.310.07 Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Shoes -0.460.30-0.380.892.000Rays70.470.380.130.89-1.681.501.250.093Padres60.65-0.71-1.091.90-0.290.531.160.000Nationals60.20-0.580.96-0.12-0.19-0.390.722.000Blue Jays60.380.500.401.06-0.12-0.740.750.000Rockies60.11-0.160.450.551.17- Sox20.00-0.71-0.61-1.811.97- Player LeaderboardTo determine probably the most underrated player, we look at each qualified players WAR relative to a really fake version of WAR (called FANT, in this instance) constructed only through the five most common fantasy categories. (Read more here.)
NameDiffWARFANTAvgHRRRBISBBrendan Ryan2.42.3-0.1-1.01-1.51-1.23-1.370.10Howie Kendrick2. Avila2. Polanco2. Bourjos2. Escobar2. Carroll2.11.8-0.30.54-1.85-1.35-2.61-0.08Kurt Suzuki2.02.10.1-1.12-0.39-1.11-1.27-0.80Evan Longoria2.04.72.7-1.120.95-0.120.85-0.80Omar Infante1. Victorino1. Callaspo1. Buck1.81.80.0-1.59-0.06-1.66-0.48-0.98Jhonny Peralta1. Pedroia1. Gardner1.74.93.2-0.40-1.070.61-1.522.91Matt Wieters1.73.31.6-0.430.05-0.49-0.38-0.89Alexei Ramirez1.74.22.5-0.25-0.280.49-0.19-0.35Ben Zobrist1.65.74.1-0.04- Fowler1.53.21.7-0.04-1.290.61-1.22-0.08Player NERD LeaderboardVery similar to Pitcher NERD (below), except for position players. This version of NERD considers all batters with at least 100 plate apperances. (Find out more here.)
NameNERDAgeWARxBABIPHR/FBSpdK%Brett Lawrie101.843.66-0.601.751.890.15Alejandro De Aza100.433.16-0.481.152.090.09Mike Trout102.311.260.901.180.350.12Jacoby Ellsbury100.432.23- Jennings101.141.36-0.271. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Shoes 681.83-0.18Ryan Braun100.431.94-0.201.391.370.53Ian Kinsler100.001.660.450.551.371.43Jose Constanza100.431.150.580.511.581.02Justin Upton101.371.92-0.461.201.060.07Shane Victorino100.002.07-0.320.131.991.28Curtis Granderson100.001.760.092.291.99-1.04Jose Reyes90.191.550.00-1.032.301.93Matt Kemp90.671.98- Gonzalez90.901.17-0.352.041.17-0.11Jose Bautista90.002.40-0.312.52-0.170.30Albert Pujols90. Tulowitzki90.671.88-0.171.43-0.070.97Robinson Cano90. Kendrick90.431.840.131.431.01-0.28Mike Stanton91.841.12-0.182.870.19-1.41Pitcher NERD LeaderboardThe idea with Pitcher NERD as with the other NERDs would be to expre s with one number the chance the learned fan might have curiosity about a certain player. This version of NERD considers all pitchers with at least 20 innings as a starter. (To read more about Pitcher NERD, click here.)
NameNERDxFIPSwStrkStrkVeloLuckAgeKNZack Greinke102.581.680.380.741.420.150.00Clayton Kershaw102.091.790.821. Halladay102.421.572.080.550.000.000.00Michael Pineda101.002.231.381 Unisex Shoes Shoes .620.251.400.00Madison Bumgarner101.660.631.450.470.261.650.00Brandon Morrow100.992.010.391.241.640.400.00CC Sabathia101.811.731.421. Lee102.150.912.310.360.000.000.00Justin Verlander101.691.181.131.700.000.000.00Matt Garza91.411.620.761.200.320.150.00David Price91.450.300.321.620.200.650.00Cory Luebke91.681.571.030.360.220.400.00Jonathon Niese91.350. Hamels91.741.621.050.440.000.150.00Brandon Beachy91.361.950.410.510.040.900.00Felix Hernandez91.580.520.401.050.030.650.00Juan Nicasio91.100.30-0.121.350.730.900.00Anibal Sanchez91.451.570.680.470.440.150.00Jerome Williams90.903.931.730.360.000.000.00Rubby De La Rosa90.890.25-1.372.080.171.400.00
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