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jackky 08-22-2017 18:45

Getting Strasburg To October
Last season, the Nationals stuck to some strict plan with Jordan Zimmermanns workload. This year, the team has Ben Jones Jersey another workload to manage with intense scrutiny in the person of Stephen Strasburg. While the Nats have hinted at to the way they will proceed with him they dont wish to jerk him around, they'll likely keep him towards the same 160-inning cap as Zimmermann this past year they haven't yet laid anything down in stone. The reason behind that's likely twofold one, they cant predict the future, and dont understand how Strasburg will respond as the year progre ses, and two, the Nationals are planning playoffs this season. So the real question is, can they di seminate Strasburgs innings inside a streamlined fashion but still have the ability to use him in the postseason?There are several ways in which the Nats can play this. Before we dive in, lets get the caveat out of the way we actually dont understand what the best way would be to measure pitcher fatigue, also it probably isnt by innings pitched. It likely isnt by total pitches either. Every pitcher is different, as well as their thresholds should be set differently consequently. But Im not a doctor, and even if I was, I dont get acce s to Strasburg or his medical records, so with regards to this exercise, well stick with innings pitched.
The first, and simplest, is to do what they did with Zimmermann this past year, which is to just let him pitch the way nature intends things, and let him work until he reaches 160 and shut him down then. Last season, Zimmermann hit 161.1 innings on August 28th, and was turn off at that time. He earned 26 starts, and averaged slightly more than six innings per outing. However the decision to shut him down after August was an easy someone to make since the Nationals were not contenders last season. They were well out of the playoff picture, and the other 20-30 innings from Zimmermann wasn D'Joun Smith Jersey t going to change that. That might not be the case this season. Not only po se s the Nationals fortified the team with the additions of Gio Gonzalez and Edwin Jackson, but healthier seasons from Ryan Zimmerman and Strasburg should make a significant difference too.
One way to get Strasburg innings in September would be to go to a six-man rotation. Within scenario in which the Nats start Strasburg on Opening Day after which strictly on the rotation in which everyone gets their turn one through six from there on out, he'd not cro s the 160-inning plateau until the a week ago of year, a suming that he averaged six innings per start and didnt help out the All-Star Game (for those scenarios, lets just think that he doesnt help out the ASG). That sounds very good, right? Well, for Strasburg, sure. But what concerning the other guys? The Nats do have good depth on the bump this season, with John Lannan and Ro s Detwiler being capable of starting although not having slots within the rotation at present time. But six-man rotations dont happen everything frequently, or ever, and adjusting to that schedule may affect the performance of everyone within the rotation. Furthermore, there is the question of worth. Do you want to hand 150-160 innings to a guy that wouldnt normally be good enough to make the rotation?
So then, most likely the idea isnt a Tre McBride Jersey full six-man rotation, but a modified one. Strasburg would throw every sixth day, and the rest of the rotation would easily fit in around him. Within this scenario, averaging six innings a start, Strasburg would hit 160 innings on 9/11 in Flushing from the Mets. If you lowered the bar to 5 innings a start, you would get with the season at 150 innings, but that doesnt appear to be a practical plan. For the reason that scenario, you'll need an extra starter, and you are taxing the bullpen for four innings per Strasburg start.
But 5 innings threshold is intriguing. While a rigid every five days plan wouldnt considerably better he'd cro s the 160-inning threshold on September 12th a plan where you stuck to a strict five-man rotation, i.e., not skipping starts due to off-days, and let Strasburg pitch every time his turn in the rotation came up, he would hit 160 innings on September 27th. Under this, you would use Lannan or Detwiler as a shadow starter. You can get them in the second inning approximately, using the intention of bringing them in for the sixth inning, and pitching at least two innings, but maybe more depending on how the game goes and how taxed the bullpen is. You wouldnt nece sarily have to carry a 13th pitcher in order to make that happen on most teams, whoever the 12th man on the pitching staff is at anyone time is usually underutilized. It utilizes a de facto sixth starter, but it doesnt alter the schedule from the other rotation mates, also it cuts down on the number of innings Lannan or Detwiler could be counted on in the neighborhood of 150 down to 80 Jace Amaro Jersey or so.
Its not perfect rain will intervene and force doubleheaders sooner or later. And its not the only other option. You can devise a plan where Strasburg only pitches in your own home, for instance, however, the schedules of his rotation mates will have to be altered to accommodate that, and also the team has already said they dont want to jerk Strasburgs schedule around anyway. Not jerking him around would also likely eliminate a move towards the bullpen, as it is much more difficult to regiment bullpen usage. If the Nats want to consider a regimented plan that will di seminate Strasburgs innings all year round, the five innings whenever his spot inside a five-man rotation comes up plan's likely the nearest they might get having a streamlined, fairly simple plan.
The reward to this type of plan is it provides the Nats a chance to appraise the risk of cro sing that 160 inning plateau when the team finds itself in the hunt. If Strasburg hit 160 innings on September 27, he could make one make one more start during the regular season within the penultimate bet on the year on regular rest. Or, if the Nats po se s a spot already locked up, he could be saved for their first postseason game. Quite simply, the team might have a choice of considering letting him go significantly past 160 innings. Underneath the other scenarios, or if they simply do what they did with Zimmermann, then he will hit 160 innings so early that the layoff between once they shut him down and the start of postseason would be too significant.
Stephen Strasburg may be one of the best pitchers hanging around, and also the Nationals are unlikely to achieve the postseason without him. Regardle s of what plan of action they choose, if they're focused on 160 Dorin Dickerson Jersey innings as his threshold, they will po se s a difficult decision to make sooner or later in this season. But if they may be disciplined with not only his starts, but everyone elses as well, there's a method to keep Strasburg within the rotation all season long and provide the choice of squeezing another 20-30 innings from him should they entitled to the postseason should he eat well enough to throw them.

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