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2011 Power Rankings In Graphs

The inaugural edition of the FanGraphs Power Rankings would be a small labor Steven Means Jersey of affection for me. So, I thought it fitting that people have a look back at just how all of them played out in graphical view to put the finishing touches around the season.
Lets begin with the timeline from the Rankings for those 30 teams:
Click to embiggen.
In this, a couple of things stand out. First, we are able to observe that there have been very few outliers that we suppose, may be the nature of outliers. Bud Selig wants a game where any team can earn a playoff bid, and when you are taking a glance at that thick power of lines around the trade deadline, you can see that he's about as near to that particular goal as he are able to be. Second, if you mouse over the Cardinals line and then the Braves line, you will see that the Cardinals were better than the Braves for nearly the whole Rankings season. Probably the bigger mystery isnt why the Braves collapsed on the stretch, but why it took the clearly superior Cardinals so long to seize the conch?
That chart provides for us a pleasant global view, what about how Terrell Suggs Jersey each team did week to week? Don't worry, I have a fun multi-colored bar-graph for you:
If you dont need to click to embiggen this one, chances are youre an ant.
I leaves most of the observations on this team-by-team chart for you, fair reader, however i do have a number of my very own. First, nowhere Jays had a bad final month. Im sure Toronto is preparing a variety of goodne s to contend in 2012, but it is interesting to notice they didnt po se s the best September. Their season took a sharp downturn at the end of August, plus they never really recovered. Elsewhere, the Brewers, Diamondbacks and Rangers had sharp upturns with few downturns as the season progre sed, however the Royals werent far behind. They got better and better as the season progre sed, and finished on the really positive note. Finally, colors are pretty.
If youre much like me though, you are scrolling from team to team trying to compare them to each other once again. If that's the case, I've one more chart for you:
Once again, click to embiggen. And due to Tableau for such awesome software.
In this chart, we Morgan Cox Jersey can once again see all 30 teams alongside, but in a much cleaner format. Here, we are able to begin to see the entire range of each team, and when you mouse over, you can see where dates they hit their highs and lows (and everything in between). A few items to note here:
Some teams never reached .500, and a few teams never fell below .500. In a chart which i wasnt quite able to resolve, I realized that there have been only four teams which were within the top 10 all season the Yankees, Red Sox, Philliesand Cardinals. That could be a bit of a surprise in taking a look at this chart, because they never hit .600, but the Cardinals were lurking all season.
Also of note is that the teams which were the most consistent were fairly average. Teams such as the Athletics, Blue Jays, Indians and Padres that had a very small data range were either straddling the .500 line or drowning beneath it. The main one team which was good coupled with a fairly small cluster of points was the Rays. On the other hand from the coin, the Twins collapse is still pretty stunning. Forecasted to be a .500 team, they'd one of the largest variances, but unfortunately, it had been down from the start.
How about you? What stands apart to Kenneth Dixon Jersey you during these graphs?
I will conclude the ability Rankings in a few days by compiling a few of the more cromulent suggestions so that we can crowdsource potential changes to next years edition.
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