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floor waterproof

Underground water soaked in water for many years or very moist soil, waterproof material must be water-resistant. Can not be made of perishable carcass coil, floor waterproof layer thick, and have a certain resistance to puncture ability of waterproof material. The best laminated 6 mm ~ 8 mm thick. If the choice of synthetic polymer membrane, the most suitable heat welding joints. The use of adhesive joints, the glue should be excellent water resistance, or even the best of the web can not be used. Use waterproof coating should be careful. Thick main use of 2.5 mm thick, and the thickness of the composite membrane to 2 mm thick. 4, toilet waterproof three features. First, from the impact of the natural climate, the temperature change is not, the elongation of the material is not demanding; Second, small size, Yin and Yang Kok and more wear floor pipes and more; Third, the wall waterproof paste ceramic tile, and bonding Agent good affinity. According to the above three features, can not use the coil, only the most appropriate coating, paint and cement-based acrylate coating is the most suitable, can be firmly in the above paste ceramic tile. 5, landfill, Hutang ditch planted waterproofing roofing to polyethylene geomembrane as the best, width 5m above, the weld joint, puncture resistance is good. 6, urban construction overpass more and more projects, reinforced concrete beams must be waterproof, in order to extend the service life. Because of the high temperature asphalt pavement waterproofing pavement, so the waterproof layer should be resistant to 110 ℃ high temperature. APP confessing asphalt paint or APP modified bitumen membrane. 7, cave water technology complex, there are rock holes and loess holes. In the rock cave wall lining and adherent lining two. Rock Dongting Lake wall lining. After the shotcrete, the surface of the mortar leveling plaster, and then paste the polymer modified bitumen membrane or polyethylene geomembrane, polyvinyl chloride waterproofing membrane can also be used. Rock linings are lined with wall lining and are sprayed with a water-repellent, polyurethane or neoprene latex paint on the shotcrete surface.
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