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Advantages of ecological wood ceiling

Advantages of ecological wood ceiling
Ecological wood ceiling belongs to a kind of ecological wood products
ecological wood is simply relative and log, it is a more environmentally friendly than wood, energy-saving new wood, it hasalmost the natural texture of wood, is the world's leading technology Environmentally friendly products.
Ecological wood ceiling advantages
1, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, no deformation
Ecological wood and ordinary wood products, metal products more water-resistant, moisture-proof. Can be used directly on the zero 70 degrees Celsius - minus 20 degrees Celsius 20 degrees under the harsh climatic conditions of dry and humid environment, and will not be deformed, cracking, warping, moldy, corrosion. deck panels popping and cracking
2, a wide range of uses
Can be widely used in various types of gardens, 3 board vinyl fencing costleisure and entertainment, commercial exhibition space and high-end Athens indoor and outdoor wall surface, the top shape and the use of the ground floor.
3, environmental pollution
Ecological wood ceiling processing does not discharge industrial waste,decking floor exporter of record processing raw materials do not exist toxic substances. Home decoration does not require the use of toxic substances. Making it from production to the user to use the entire process of environmental pollution. Is now one of the preferred home decoration materials.
4, rich colors, shapes free
Products rich colors, can be curved, straight, block, line, surface arbitrary shape, can fully meet the designer's endless imagination and creative inspiration to play. Ecological wood color: grapefruit, Thai pomelo, gold sandalwood, red sandalwood, silver walnut, black walnut, walnut, dark red wood, light mahogany,buy stone grey composite decking online cedar (white), cherry (pink)
5, comfortable, natural
It has the inherent natural affinity of wood and the appearance texture of logs.
6, a unique three-dimensional sense
Ecological wooden ceiling plate itself is three-dimensional, conventional decoration has a good three-dimensional. And ecological wooden ceiling can be any shape design, the effect of more three-dimensional sense. privacy vinyl fencing pat rat
7, long service life
Product life up to 15 years.
8, make full use of resources to protect the environment
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