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Footwork drills in boxing will certainily make your movements more versatile while working in the ring. Although every fighter that is involved in a tand-up?fighting sport understands the value of having strong legs and a basic fitness foundation through running 403 Forbidden , many of the newer competitors are not quite sure what type of running to do. Below are a few drills that will encourage positive development of footwork that will transfer directly to the ring.

*Forward stepping: While running, slow down into your stance. If you are right handed the left foot should be forward, right foot to the rear. Simply maintain your stance while moving forward for a distance determined by you. Make sure that in all motions the front foot moves first followed by the back foot. Depending on the style of fighter you are, you will want to maintain good foot position while keeping hands up in tight guard.

***Side Stepping: Pretty much self explained! This is a basic side-stepping drill that you can transition to from any of the stances we will cover here. One major note to keep in mind is to maintain the same distance between the feet at all times; meaning, the feet should not touch together or be too far apart. If your stance while standing still is about 18 inches wide between your feet, or shoulder width, then this distance should be maintained throughout the movement.

****Criss Crossing: This is a classic footwork drill seen in many sports outside of combat-arts such as American football 403 Forbidden , soccer, track and field and of course boxing and Muay Thai to name a few. To preform this drill while moving laterally (to the left in this description) simply cross the right-leg in in front of the right leg. Immediately step out to the left with the left foot, following the motion with the right foot, however 403 Forbidden , this time brining it to the rearbehind the left foot. Repeat movements. A couple ways to perform criss-crossing of the legs: 1: keep both hands high in tight-guard throughout the exercise. 2: allow hands to hang freely about waist level and allowing them to swing leftright while criss-crossing your feet.

*****Spinning: This is a classic drill that is sure to develop balance, sense of direction as well the ability to re-establish yourself on the task at hand; the fight! To perform the spinning-drill while running get into tight-guard, hand high. While maintaining your direction without zig-zagging too much simply spin 360 degrees in one direction a total of 8 times鈥?Immediately reverse the motion spinningturning the opposite direction 鈥?360 degrees each 鈥渟pin鈥?鈥?a total of 8 times in a row. At this point you should be pretty much dizzy. Immediately following spinning clockwise 8 times and counter-clockwise 8 times maintain the same direction you are running before starting the spins. At the conclusion of spinning both directions 鈥減uch-out鈥? while running forward for a determined distance. This exercise simulates getting BLASTED with a punch that throws of balance and sense of direction, however 403 Forbidden , we will maintain our composer and attack in the direction of our simulated opponent. While spinning maintain tight guard and try to move forward in a straight motion without falling all over the place.

******Backward Running: It is rumored that Muhammad Ali used to spend a fair amount of time running backwards while doing his daily roadwork. Backwards running is great for many reasons. Since you cannot see where you are going, It builds awareness to the environment as well as awareness of foot-placement. The antagonist muscles (visit google for description) are also well developed which encourages balance of muscle strength and endurance throughout the legs. Running backwards is challenging, fun, and as far as applicable to the fight game 403 Forbidden , backwards running helps develop the ability to easily shift from a forward motion to a back-peddling motion for evasion purposes or to suck your opponent in by changing to a forward attack immediately after moving back a few steps.

*******Circles Drills: This drill is simple and will help develop lateral circular footwork. Starting clockwise, side step in a circular-direction a total of ten times making a large circle. At the 10th step, immediately repeat the exercise to the opposite direction (counter-clockwise) however this time stepping only 9 times. At the 9th step, side-step clockwise in circular motion 8 steps. At the 8th step 403 Forbidden , immediately reverse directions this time moving a total of 7 steps. Continue all the way to 1 quick step left & right, then starting the movement 2 steps to the left and right, work your way up to 3, 4 403 Forbidden , 5, 6 steps and so on in each direction until you get back to ten. Of all the stepping footwork drills for boxing this is probably the most common drill I have seen. Circle drills really develop the ability to quickly transition left to right and in either a lateral (side to side) or circular motion.

********Mix it Up. Perform all of the noted footwork drills in varied rhythm and fashion. Mix it up! keep the body guessing by changing directions and footwork. Have fun and try to not be predictable. For extra challenge, add sprints forward and backwards between footwork drills.
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