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The easiest way to Navigate the Tough Topic of Money During a Telefone Interview The easiest way to Navigate the Tough Topic of Money During a Telefone Interview July 29 Tigers Omar Vizquel Jersey , 2013 | Author: Christopher S. Everett | Posted in Careers
One of the hardest telephone interview questions to answer is any query dealing with salary requirements. It's easy to look either greedy or low in self esteem. What are your salary expectations? This is one of the more challenging fone interview questions for several reasons. Put yourself too low and it tells the company they can get you for a low salary because you just donít know their pay structure and the marketplace. Price yourself too high and you will have cost yourself an excellent job. There are several points to review or look at on this issue:

1. What is the going rate in the industry? If you will be breaking in to a new field you may not know the salary range for this position. Use your private network and take advantage of social networking sites such as Linkedin or Facebook to use the power of the gang to your benefit. Through this broad web of contacts you could find someone involved in that industry or ideally at that precise corporation who can give you a good idea of the income range. If you are able to hook up with an insider be certain to ask questions about workplace culture, company performance, advancement opportunities and other issues of seriousness to you.

You can try a search of similar positions on major job posting sites like Monster or Workopolis. Similar positions may come up in your search. If you will be working with a staff agency they should know current income levels. They also will be galvanized to get you as high of a salary as practical because they get paid on a percentage of the salary rate you finally negotiated.

2. Is the job in another city? If the position you are interviewing for is in another city, have you compared standards of living? A $60 Tigers Omar Infante Jersey ,000 annual salary gets you one standard of life in Fargo and another in Manhattan. These are the sorts of things you seriously need to think deeply on when considering the question. A wrong response here could put you in a position of not fully being able to afford the new location.

3. What are the extras? How generous are the company pension and benefits plans? How many weeks of holidays do you get each year? Are there profit sharing plans, bonuses and stock options? For each one of those reasons and more you arenít fully prepared to reply to that question in the interview. If they ask you what you need, be evasive by responding your priority at the moment is too find out more about the company and you like what you've seen so far. If they keep poking you for an answer, indicate you are fully confident you will be able to come to a contract. Rare are the times firms persist beyond this point but if they do Tigers Nick Castellanos Jersey , you can state your present salary but acknowledge that other considerations like the ones noted above will play a big factor in your final decision and because you donít know enough about each of those elements you arenít prepared to comment yet.

4. How excited are you about this position? If this is your dream job you're prepared to take a lower pay rate than if it is not. If your companion is being transferred to that community you may not be prepared to be too picky. Maybe the company gives a gateway for you to make fantastic contacts, gain valuable experience and enhance your resume. These intangible points can also weigh quite heavily on the result. One thing you do not have to do is make sure they know this is your dream job (be excited naturally), you need a position in a new town or that you see them as a springboard to other opportunities. If they do know those elements it can seriously constrict your bargaining power.

All telephone interview questions must be handled with care, as each will decide if you get to the next round of second or face-to-face interviews. But the topic of salary is one thatís often more feared than all others leading to the higher amounts of stress when asked. Just remember Tigers Miguel Cabrera Jersey , preparing for the question will help eleviate the strain and ensure you supply an answer that will help move you on to the next round of interviews.

Find out more wonderful hints for effectively using telephone interview questions from hiring manager Chris Everett Ė here. Learn the best way to interview like an expert Ė just click here.

Rangers Send Three Top Prospects Down To Minors - RealGM Wiretap

The Texas Rangers have decided to send top position player prospects Joey Gallo, Jurickson Profar and Nomar Mazara to Triple-A Round Rock.

Profar, who was the youngest player to appear in the Major Leagues in both 2012 and 2013, had been limited to 12 games the past two years because of injuries.

Gallo Tigers Mark Lowe Jersey , 22, has led three different minor leagues in home runs, but his path is blocked by Adrian Beltre.

Mazara, 20 Tigers Lance Parrish Jersey , hit .358 in 20 games last season after an August promotion. He hit .375 in 12 spring games.

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