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1. Eagles 11-5
The Eagles have a very talented team. However, it's not as talented as some people are saying. They don't have good LB's, and their o-line is weak, which is a problem because Vick scrambles a lot and is a high injury risk. Who knows what you'll get from Vick this year. He could be good or bad. They have great corners, but their safeties lack a little. The 11-5 record is still based currently on their team, and if everyone, incuding Vick, stas healthy.

2. Giants 10-6
It's been a tuff off/pre season. But, the Giants still have a lot of talent. If they can run the ball like they have this pre season, then they're in good shape. They lost Terrel Thomas, but Aaron Ross is not a bum. And Amukamara is coming back in weeks 5 or 6. Osi should be coming back in weeks 2 or 3. The defense is always solid when healthy. They're o-line has some holes, but it's not attrocious. Eli hasn't looked great this preseason, but it could be because of the lockout, or whatever. He's not gonna throw 25 picks again this year. That was a fluke. And 9 were tipped by recievers, and a few more because of bad routes.

3. Cowboys 10-6
They're getting Romo back, and that's a good sign. They lost Marion Barber, which was a tuff loss. But the Cowboys are still very talented offensively. They don't have a great defense, and lack against the pass. But, I think the Cowboys could bounce back.

Redskins 5-11
Does it really matter?
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The Eagles scored the most points in the conference last year (3rd in the NFL), and they are all back. Assuming Vick stays healthy, I see no reason that trend won't continue. Only 4 teams in the conference (9 in the entire NFL) gave up more points than the Eagles last year. There is no doubt they improved their defense more than any other team. Improving on a 10-6 record is quite likely. I see 13-3.

Cowboys. Didn't improve on paper. They do have Romo healthy, but honestly did fine without him. Don't see an improvement.

Giants. Again, no improvement on paper. Defense is older, if anything.

Redskins. Beck/Grossman. Is this really an improvement over McNabb? Even if it is- they didn't improve anywhere else. Cellar dwellers again.
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