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What are your thoughts on the NFC East this year?

NY Giants - Eli thinks he is an elite QB like Brady, but is very inconstant. Their O-line is disoriented, and with the same staff and basic core of players who have run out of gas two years in a row, is it safe to assume the Giants will simply dwindle before playoff hopes again?

Dallas Cowboys - Romo is always a threat as a great QB, but often chokes when the pressure is on. They have let go of mediocre players while keeping their main threats on offense. But the O-line is weaker then in years past cutting two pro-bowl linemen. And the Defensive secondary is the weakest in the division.

Philadelphia Eagles - Vick was phenomenal last year, can he repeat? Or will he be injured early? Or will his new 100 million dollar contract somehow jinx him? Will Vince Young disrupt the cohesiveness of the eagles team? They made several moves which improved their secondary. But with all the hype of the eagles being one of the best teams in the league, will they fall short of expectations?

Washington Redskins - Beck or Grossman. With two mediocre QB's, and neither named to start, will they keep the two as a tandem and possibly create a historic event in the NFL, or will both fail to deliver in the reg. season? Moves made improved the O-line and HB positions this year, but with a weak set of WR's and an unorganized defence, do they have a shot to upset everyone?

In my opinion, the NFC East appears much more open then many ESPN writers predict. I think Dallas and Eagles will both fail to live up to their expectations. I think the skins will suprise people, and the Giants will put a stop to their superstitions. Though inevitably, i think dallas or giants will take the division.
Mike J Ė I, like you apparently are, am a redskin fan. Iím just a bit more realistic then you. Beck is an unknown. But his performance in preseason this year is not stellar by any means, in fact, rex has been more productive in the preseason, so assuming beck will start, and be an amazing treasure no one else found, is very unlikely. As for the WR, Moss is are only deep threat, Gaffney is a good route runner with hands, but lacks in speed, Armstrong like last year is nothing extraordinary, Stallworth looks like crap so far in preseason. Austin does show promise, however Hankerson is not in full form and will not be this year. Not to mention out of all the WR named, one or two will not make the 53 man roster. Some areas of the D have improved. Kerrigan looks like a beast. I agree, Atogwe and Landry will be a lethal combination. However they havenít practiced or played together yet, very alarming when chemistry is a big factor for secondaryís. And both are battling injuries.
Our CBís can create big plays from interceptions, but lack the coverage skills, and get beat downfield frequently. Coefield is nice but we also just lost Jenkins for the year which took away our depth at D-line. I am certainly not misinformed; you are simply ignoring negative aspects in light of positive ones, which is easy to do when supporting your team. I never said they were horrible or donít have direction or donít have talent. I merely asked if people thought they had a shot to upset everyone since they are currently considered one of the worst teams in the NFL by many. In my opinion I think they do, but a playoff berth is about as likely as me winning the lotto. However, I will gladly bite my tongue if they prove me wrong.
Sam Ė nice contribution, hate your team though, lol

Simpsfan Ė Good points

David Ė Ouch!

Follow the Money Ė See im thinking it either goes that way for Vick, or he ends up SB MVP.
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Eagles will win it
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Eagles 11-5
Giants 9-7
Cowboys 8-8
Redskins 5-11
You heard it here sixth
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I agree with some of your thoughts and conclusions but

The NY Giants will finish 3rd in the division with 7 wins
The Washington Redskins will finish 4th with 6 wins
The Eagles and Cowpies will finish with an identical record of 11-5 with Dallas winning the Division and going to the playoffs. Vick started great last year but by the end of the year was not even an average QB, Reid won't run the ball so Vick will get beat up and be on IR by week 8 and then things go downhill. By the end of the year Reid will look like an idiot and Vick will be exposed (again) as an undisciplined QB wil less than average skills. Philly will be paying for this mistake for a decade.
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New York Giants - I don't see any improvements that Eli Manning has done in the preseason games. Last night, he threw no touchdowns and two ints. The defense are becoming a problem, because the players are getting injuries so early in the season. That would weaken the defense a little bit. Preseason wins/loss don't count, but being prepare for the regular season is very important. Manning needs to get himself back to the game. I won't put him near the Tom Brady rankings. No way.... He is not a top five QB. He is not close to become a great QB like his brother, Peyton Manning.. What a joke. That superbowl win over the New England Patriots was based on LUCK. I am not a Patriot fan, but I'm glad that New York Giants won the game.

Dallas Cowboys - I don't see them as a superbowl team. Last season, they had a chance until Romo got injured and couldn't play the whole season. The defense was awful.With Rex Ryan to be hired as a defense coach, I can see many things would be turn around. With Romo as a starter, the offense will look better..

Philadelphia Eagles - I don't believe the superbowl hype yet.. They haven't done anything special in preseason games. They have a lot of work to do.. I think they are playoff worthy.

Washington Redskins - I agree with you. It's going to be a quarterback battle between John Beck and Rex Grossman. The problem is that they're not elite quarterback. I believe that Redskins would run the ball alot this season. They don't have a strong shot to upset everyone. They will be in last place of the NFC East division. It sucks that Mike, the 'skins coach, don't give McNabb that much of chance.

Here is what I think it is going to happen...
The Eagles will take over the NFC East division. The second place in NFC division is going to be up for grabs between the Cowboys and the Giants. I am leading more to the 'Boys.
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Cowboys 11-5. I think Garrett was the missing link. If they can stay healthy, they should be elite. Although in this division it not easy to win more then 11 games.

Giants 10-6. Not looking great so far, but they are a steady team and will beat the teams they should.

Eagles 9-7 Vick will be a bust this year. Teams will figure him out, and he will become a head case. The Eagles are not going to live up to the hype..

Redskins 4-12. A big mess. No QB, no direction. They will be 1-5 in the divsion, or worse.
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nyc- i wont be surprised if they go 11-5 (always been close in games they lost), but i see 6-10/7-9 due to their really tough schedule as well as all the players that are lost and injured. i dont think eli will have 25 picks; most of which were tipped by the receiver and happened to land in the corners hands. i think theyve been more unlucky than anything else. but with that said, they blew 2 playoff berths in the past 2 years.

dallas- im always hoping 16-0 and a super bowl win, but i say 10-6, maybe a 6th seed if theyre lucky. romos back, they improved their d coordinating spot and last year finish 5-3 (nearly 6-2 if butter fingers didnt caogh up the ball against the saints). now, they get romo back which means they get austin back. austins a deep threat, but kitna makes mostly checkdowns leaving austin stranded

phiily- i have them winning, but i want to see vick in a real nfc east game. im talking about hard nosed, no calling, rough football. not flashy football where you throw and always get a chance to come back 20 down in the last 5 minutes. im talking 6 games where every possession counts and 1 point is normal. i say 11-5. i would say 12-4 or 13-3, but i dont think he'll start all 16 and defenses started fguring him out after the end of last season

redskins- the shannahans have to go. i thought campbell could have had some stability (no 2 years of 1 system since hs), but they you thought they got a lottery with mcnabb (greatest eagles qb all time), but the skins manage to screw that up. and that haynesworth thing didnt go over too well. i say 4-12. they had a lot of lucky wins last season that i dont think will break this season.

i dont think it will be that strong, but not as weak as last season.
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1. Giants
2. Cowboys
3. Eagles
4. Redskins
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Its the Eagles division to lose, the Giants could be there too, but they are prone to make mistakes like last year. Dallas, its the QB and the lack of a premiere back that will doom them. Redskins are still building and will show improvement.
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your thoughts on the redskins is misinformed. While Rex maybe mediocre, Beck is an unknown and was highly touted coming out of college, is mobile (4.7 speed) strong arm, and accurate. His only chance was 4 games his rookie year with the 1-15 dolphins in the middle of the year, he has never got a real shot, and this is his first real opportunity. Also the WR are not weak more misinformation, Santana, Gaffney, Armstrong, and Stallworth make 4 WR, and 2 promising players Hankerson, and Terrance Austin. The defense is MUCH improved and they have better personnel now to run a 3-4 defense. The additions of Coefield on the d line and Atogwe in safety will go a long way. They may not win the division, but saying they are horrible and have no direction is just showing a lack of football intelligence. They very much have a direction and very much have talent,
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