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Kevin Kz is on a distinguished road
Whos Better: New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys?

QB: Giants
RB: Cowboys
WR: Cowboys

LineBackers: Cowboys

Punter: Giants


I think this will be a good game but after facing The Saints and Packers

and the cowboys playing Miami and AZ...

Giants>Cowboys 21-17

The Giants are the hardest oppnent and after playing weak teams they will struggle

But I think NFC East will go the Boys cuz of the easy schedule

BQ: Shoudnt all teams in the same division get to play the same oppenents.

The Giants always have hard schedules esp in 2nd half
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Sam is on a distinguished road
qb- dead even. i like romo better, but i like eli too
rb- giants in terms of the actual running back, but the cowboys have a better game
wr- pretty even
te- cowboys obviously
d line- giants
lb- cowboys
d backs- even. the cowboys have been injured at corner basically every week
kicker- even. tynes has the accuracy, but i bueler has the leg
punter- eh, idk. the cowboys have the leg
coach- giants obviously

the teams are pretty even year in and year out. like most nfc east games, you dont get anything about whos bad or good because anything can happen.

bq- theoretically, sure. but its not a good indicator of who is good or who is bad and mathematically, its impossible for it to work. the giants have the 5th hardest schedule, but technically, the eagles schedule is suppose to be harder based on the theory that the best play the best, the 2nd best play each other and so on.
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ELVIS is on a distinguished road
Well they play twice, so I think we will find out.

In regards to tough common games. The Cowboys have beating the niners, who beat the Giants. But the Giants beat the Pats, who beat the Cowboys.

You actually think Eli is better then Romo? I guess you are not a stat guy. Romo beats him in every category.
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Cory Appleseed is on a distinguished road
New York Giants, I'm not even a fan of them but they have a pretty good season this year!!
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American Typo is on a distinguished road
Each are deeply flawed teams that will go nowhere in the playoffs. So it doesn't really matter.
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tech golfer is on a distinguished road
Dallas, Cause of Romo and their schedule is easier.
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Old 12-05-2011, 15:08   #7
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Logan is on a distinguished road
The Giants are clearly better.
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Old 11-13-2012, 19:18   #8
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David- Valdespinsanity! is on a distinguished road
The Giants, but not by much. And I would say that WR and QB are more even. Both teams have tremendous talent at WR position. And both QB's have had above average careers for the most part.

I'v been saying that if the Giants could win out of their 2 previous games (SF and PHI) that they would be in good shape for they playoffs. But, they didn't win 1. And now it's not looking good at all.

BQ- For the most part they do, each team in each NFC division versus 1 team from 2 NFC divisions, all 4 teams from one other NFC division, and all 4 teams from 1 AFC division. And of course, they all face each other twice. But, with that being said, the Giants have to face the 2 hardest teams in the NFC North and South. The Packers and Saints. While everyone else faces the other teams.
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