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I do not understand why you are scaremongering with this page of your article, it is impressively fictional. Players' main source of income is 'merchanting' selling items they have found or made to non player merchants. If they have a well made/ more expensive item they can attempt to sell it to players for a greater profit. There is no underlying addiction,
no subtle evil here, it is simple gameplay mechanics. Secondly, players do not turn to scamming or cheating (i urge you to show some proofs for this), as the items they may require will never be that difficult to acquire. Your section on the dangers of internet game addiction (with fine examples), again, proves nothing.
A family member and someone you found on a discussion forum does not, in any way, describe the player base as a whole. It is true that many players play too long, i myself have on many occasions. Parents must make sure their children do not play games for too long as they are designed to be fun and immerse the player. This is not the fault of the developer.
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