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***SaRaH*** 08-05-2011 13:06

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Minnesota Vikings.?
Who is better? Why?

hello 08-06-2011 12:53

Vikings, they were good before Favre brought the team down. I don't think Mcnabb will to the same. All he needs to do is hand off to AP and throw the occasional long ball to Harvin/Berrian.

Leader of the Pack 08-06-2011 13:09

I'd say the Vikings have a better offense than Jacksonville, but the Jaguars have a better defense than Minnesota

J-ville boy 08-06-2011 13:21


Strictly statistically speaking, the Jags beat the Vikings in Pts, Yards, and Rushing. Passing, the Vikings is only one place ahead of the Jags.

RB: MJD is still resting his knee. Jennings (who's a pretty good backup) can lighten the load.
QB: Garrard is a little bit better than avg. Luke McCown's experience. Gabbert's learning...
Special Teams: Jags are really good no question

Now our Defense was God-awful last year and we still almost made the playoffs. This offseason had pretty good draft and free agent pickups.

Fireman Awesome 08-06-2011 13:26

Vikings because the Jaugars only have MJD and he is on his way out.

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