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piratesmvp04 is on a distinguished road
Would this year's Indianapolis Colts win the Super Bowl if they played in

the NFL during the 1920s? Would they be able to match up against some of the original NFL teams given the differences in strategy, rules, etc?
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Tim is on a distinguished road
Its alot easier to pass now a day so with 1920 rules they would be killed. They can't stop the run and thats all teams did in the 20s and those receivers would have to adjust to fighting to get open. Any team from today would have issues in the 20s just a different game then.
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No, half of the Colts would be in the locker room crying, the other half would be in the hospital. It was a very ruff game back then. Under today's rules, every player on the 1920's team would be ejected.
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Any NFL team playing today would easily beat any Pro team that played in the 1920s.

They would be bigger and faster and the games would not even be close.

I would say that any NFL team today would beat the best NFL teams up until maybe the mid to late 1970s. I think the Steeler championship teams of the mid to late 1970s could still compete with teams in the NFL from today, as well as the Niner championship teams from the 1980s.

What I WOULD like to see would be teams today be required to play the game somewhat like it was played in the past, with no electronic sideline communications and no talking to coaches upstairs. Just 2 teams playing each other on the field with the QB calling the plays, instead of what we have today: programmed players controlled by coaches on the sidelines pushing all the buttons.

The first thing I would do if I was NFL commissioner would be to ban all electronic sideline communications and make it a game played ON THE FIELD by the players. You coach the players up, prepare them and then it's your 11 against the other 11.
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Casey is on a distinguished road
Yes, of course. Players are bigger and smarter. Training methods are far advanced. Today's players only income is from NFL team. NFL is a business not an exhibition league.

Yet there was no Super Bowl in the 1920's. The first NFL Championship Game was held in 1933. So the answer is
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They would slaughter a 1920's team.
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