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The Chainsaw Ninja is on a distinguished road
In your opinion will the Green Bay Packers repeat and/or become a dynasty?

Unlike many teams that have won Super Bowls the Green Bay Packers did so down 16 players and Charles Woodson's arm in a sling. With their immense talent, youth, depth, and playmakers all over the field they are as prepared as a team can possibly be for a dynasty run. Also, unlike the Favre era they now have a quarterback that knows how to turn it on in must win scenarios (kind of like Bart Starr). Anyone who follows me should already have a clear idea of my opinion, what's yours?
@Everyone who thinks repeating is too difficult
It has been done 8 times. And more teams than I care to name have gone to the Super Bowl twice in a row, but lost one of them. The most recent repeat was when the Pats followed up their 04 crown with another Super Bowl victory in 05. Before that the Broncos won back-to-back in 98 and 99. Repeating is actually fairly common.
Team practice should not be the start of conditioning for any NFL player. Most athletes (skilled ones especially) have been doing their own, personal workouts most of the offseason. They should all be in good enough shape to avoid injuries. Team workouts are more for strengthening team chemistry.
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bcrich is on a distinguished road
Honestly, no. They are definitely an amazing team and have a shot at repeating no doubt, but I don't think it's likely. Personally, I don't think their many starters returning from injury this season will strengthen the team quite as much Packers fans may think, considering their backups struggled early on last season, but were able to excel towards the end of the season and in the playoffs after they had gained experience. Like I said, they have the talent to repeat and do well for years to come, but they won't be without stiff competition from the Bears and Lions in their division, as well as teams like the Eagles, Patriots, Jets, and Steelers, all teams whom they played close games against last season. They are a solid young and talented team, but they haven't yet done enough to prove that they can be as dominant as some of the NFL's best teams historically.
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The Real Chance Calton is on a distinguished road
I'll use a little history to back up my claim of... Maybe

The Packers Have Won 4 Superbowls and Have been to 5 meaning they have a 80% chance to win if they make it, so more than likely they will win.

But will they Make it?

I'll use some more history
I'll name every Superbowl the Packers have been two Super Bowl 1, Super Bowl 2, Super Bowl 31, Super Bowl 32, and Super bowl 45. Notice Something? excluding Last Year, The Packers have Never Went to just a single Super Bowl, They have always went to 2-in-a-row, Making it a 100% chance that the Packers go to a second Super Bowl in a row.

But, History cannot answer everything, it can just help us in finding the answer.
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Levi is on a distinguished road
Honestly, I don't think they will.
I'm not saying the Chiefs will (far from it), but the odds of a team repeating are slim. As in 1/32 slim. Who knows, the Panthers could've drafted 7 HoF's this year and win like five Super Bowls this decade. It's anybody's game.
Hell, my Chiefs (a bunch of AFL scrubs) won their first and only Super Bowl against the 1970 Minnesota Vikings, toted as the best professional football team ever. Anything can happen.
The NFL is just unpredictable is what I'm trying to say. Any team can beat any team on any day. How do you explain the Browns steamrolling the Pats last season? It's quite obvious the Pats are much better.
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Bigex is on a distinguished road
Nope too many key players are young and now have a ring next they will all want that big paycheck with the salary cap I don't think they will be able to keep enough of them.
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Bill Bob is on a distinguished road
No, the Patriots will stop the Packers from repeating. I think the Packers will win two more superbowls in the next 10 years though.
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Simpsfan is on a distinguished road
Who knows? I'm hoping for a repeat. It would be awesome to witness a superbowl rematch with Patriots and Packers. They played in 1996 and the Packers won. It was a classic match.

Packers were number six seed. They were the first team to enter the superbowl and won the friggin' bowl! From the beginning of the season, they went through the season without 15 players. How is that not enough for the outstanding talent team? Donald Driver and Charles Woodson (the most experienced players with leadership) were hurt during the superbowl game. The young team held the lead in the entire match. How is that not impressive?

Yeah.. You guys better watch out. They're dangerous when they're healthy.. I would say that they have 85% chance for repeat. If not, they are likely to be back in 2012-13! I could see the Packers win two more superbowls in this decade. Aaron Rodgers is unbelievable! He has a better arm than the young Brett Favre.
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harvey lembeck jr is on a distinguished road
What season? The injury list will be horrific if there is a season. If I was a player I would sit this one out.
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Peace be upon you is on a distinguished road
Repeating is tough bro. I do think they have a young dynasty though, their team is really young and really talented on both sides of the ball. I would guess they will get two more rings before the nucleus of the team either retires or leaves. I wouldn't bet on them winning it this year but I wouldn't bet on any team at this point. The NFL is funny when it comes to who wins it, it seems to be more about what team is playing the best at the end of the season as opposed to who has the best team. Remember when the Giants won it? They kind of sucked at the beginning and then got red hot at the end, not too different from the Packers last season who hit their stride late.
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fleury292001 is on a distinguished road
No but they will be a very decent team over the next decade. I could see them winning another super bowl but the Patriots, Steelers, Colts in the AFC and the Saints, maybe the Falcons, in the NFC will stop them. It is not they aren't good enough to repeat but sometimes the drive that was there when you won isn't necessarily there the following year plus free agency will take some of the personnel away.
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