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Brendon is on a distinguished road
Will the Green Bay Packers go 16-0?

I have to admit; despite being and excellent team, they've had a pretty easy schedule thus far. Now they're 10-0. But now they have to face the Lions twice, and the Giants which should not be easy. Think they can pull it off? And go 16-0? Do Matthew Stafford and Eli Manning have anything on Rodgers?
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Francisco Lopez is on a distinguished road
If they clinch the #1 playoff seed before Week 17, probably not, because McCarthy would pull Rodgers and a lot of other starters. No way is he going to risk injuring star players in a meaningless game.

Otherwise, they have a decent chance. But the Giants, Lions (x2), and Bears are all games they could lose. They could end up 12-4, but most likely, I say they go 13-3, 14-2 at best.
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steve is on a distinguished road
Doubtful. Once they clinch home-field throughout the playoffs, they might rest some of their starters-- prevent injuries, etc
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Cody Kirk is on a distinguished road
Yea They Sure as H3LL Will Go Undefeated and They Will Then, Lose in The Conference Round on The Way to The Super Bowl
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FYH is on a distinguished road
It's possible, but I doubt it. Not just because of their easy schedule, but because they've had quite a few close games and their defense has not been very good. While Rodgers and the offense is good enough to carry them for now, it only gets tougher - offenses tend to struggle a lot more in the winter, as they now have rain, snow, cold, and more winds to contend with. I like this Green Bay team and I hope they could pull it off, but they don't look as strong as many other teams that have started 10-0.

Also there's the possibility they pull their starters.
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Bama63 is on a distinguished road
For as bad as some would claim the Pack's passing D is, it's probably inflated a bit relative to most teams. Their offense scores so quickly teams often have to play catch up football. They try to throw a lot, and of course there will be guys open on occasion. Also, one way to try to stop Rogers is to keep him off the field, which puts more stress on the defense. However, there is definitely tallent on the defense, and they lead in interceptions. I'm predicting another bad game for Stafford, which brings about the Lion's fail.
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Patrick Murphy is on a distinguished road
Not if they pull all the starters like the Colts did in 09, its kind of sad two years ago everyone was talking about the colts going 16-0 and now there talking about them going 0-16.
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Tony Davidson is on a distinguished road
First off, no QB has anything on Rodgers this season so far. He has been unstoppable and the only way to describe how well he has played this season is to compare him to the 2007 (18-0) Tom Brady.
Can they go 16-0? Most definitely they can if they can take these steps against the following teams.

Lions: Keep Megatron in check and protect Rodgers from getting rushed and its an easy win with that offense.

Giants: All the defense has to do is stop the deep throw and Manning can't do anything to get enough points vs. this Green Bay offense.
(im gunna add one more team that is very underrated)

Bears: The Bears provided the best shot as beating the Pack this season due to how well Cutler was playing... only problem is that Caleb Hanie is most likely going to be taking on the Packers due to Cutler's injury, but there is a chance he can heal up enough if everything goes well to take on the Pack.

There is a very good chance for GB to go 16-0, first they gotta do work tomorrow and we will see how they fair after that.
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