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Anthony is on a distinguished road
Anyone else here think the Green Bay Packers have a serious chance at winning the...

...super bowl this year? I think they have a great defense. Along with one of the most proficient and reliable quarterbacks in the league right now. And they also have a strong group of receivers to help him.
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Greg is on a distinguished road
Yeah, infact I hate the packers but I think they are going ot the superbowl. First off Aaron Rodgers was great last season, and so far in preseason hes continued to impress. He is a smart quarterback with great ability and I see him getting over 4500 yrds, 35 TDs, and 12 INTs. MVP year for him is what I am expecting. Party because he has great receivers around him, a very good veteran in Driver, and potential all-pro receiver in Jennings, and the next Tony Gonzalez in Finley. There passing game alone could make them elite, but luckily they have a top 10 running back, Ryan Grant, this guy has put really good numbers over past few years and can catch the ball to. Also imagine, if the Packers O-line gets it back together than we are talking best offense in the league. Last year packers offense was great even with a horrible o-line. Now the defense, which was great last year probably won't improved much because Woodson won't be having another DPOY season. He's getting old and is loosing some physical ability, but will still be a pro bowl corner. There defense really is just overall solid, they got the best defensive back core in the NFC, Woodson, collins, Harris, it's going to force a lot of turnovers if it can stay healthy. The biggest plus side of this packers team is that they led in Turnover differential last season and thats a huge stat. The top turnover ratio teams were playoff teams last 10 years. Wether packers win division or not they are superbowl bound. And things keep looking better because the Vikings got robbed of there receiving core due to injury. And yesterday Favre couldn't do anything without good targets. That's a sign for next season the vikings will be turning to AP for most part of begging of season and won't do as well with out the multi dimensional offense. Packers have best chance in NFC in my opinion.
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josh m is on a distinguished road
rodgers is an elite qb and he has tons of weapons, if they're defense can step it up then yeah they have a legit chance
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Old 09-06-2010, 08:10   #4
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ERIK is on a distinguished road
Yes they will go 12-4, win at least a first round bye, and probably win the superbowl. Dallas is EXTREMELY overrated, Brett's losing his mojo and AP keeps coughing up the football, No one out of the west poses a threat. The Packers O has been unstoppable this preseason, and the defense is bad because were not giving away much to the other teams like we did last year.
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Nick Wallace is on a distinguished road

the carolina panthers will make a run... watch.
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Bill is on a distinguished road
Yes, although it is more likely that they enter the playoffs as a wildcard than NFC-North champs which means their course to the superbowl would be harder than most others'.
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red4tribe is on a distinguished road
It all depends on the defense. Barring an injury to Rodgers, the offense will be electric. Rodgers is really quite something and he has a good core of receivers, a decent running back, and what seems to be a much improved offensive line. I have no fear about their offense. They will score points.

My question is whether or not their defense can get the job done. The defense doesn't even have to be good, it just has to be okay. The numbers were deceiving last year. They stopped weak teams but totally fell apart when they played a team with an elite QB. That can't happen again. If the defense is able to slow down elite QBs, the Packers may very well be Super Bowl bound.
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Johnny B is on a distinguished road
hey guy, there are like 20 teams with a legit shot for the SB this year. this year wont be a cakewalk for any team. all it can take is one injury and packers could be done for the season. or any other team for that matter. so is it possible sure its possible for any team, the real question is what teams will give you the most problems when you have to lpay them in the playoffs.....
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Old 02-05-2011, 11:37   #9
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whabtbob is on a distinguished road
I'm a Packers fan, but the statements you listed are true of several NFL teams, not just the Packers. So that isn't reason enough to think they can go all the way at this point.

The fact is, absolutely anything can happen this upcoming season, beyond what anyone can possibly predict. Players can have unexpectedly great seasons (like Brett Favre), or be injured & lost for the year (like Al Harris). Teams can have a great season and then suffer a huge upset in the playoffs.

Who out there correctly predicted the Arizona Cardinals & the New Orleans Saints would participate in the last two Super Bowls? Hands? Anyone? Anyone at all? I didn't think so. I rest my case. Predictions about the Super Bowl are all but impossible to make before the season even begins.

Do the Packers have a chance to win it all? Of course. But so do 31 other teams. As of now, they are all tied for first place. May the best team win!
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Old 03-28-2012, 22:27   #10
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Oleg U. is on a distinguished road
they do have an excellent chance, but the defense AND o-line MUST be there every step of the way, that means no let-downs
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